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Business Area

We are specialized manufacturer of vibration meters, accelerometers and monitoring instruments with 30 years of history. As a comprehensive manufacturer of vibration meters, we have committed ourselves to OEM manufacturing. We also have many experiences in the field of entrusted designing and manufacturing. Not only we deal with vibration meters and accelerometers, but also AC bridge strain gauge amplifiers, analog filters, built-in charge amplifiers for envelop circuits and charge amplifiers compatible with differential sensors. We also develop customized measurement systems with measurement software. In addition, we have been providing calibration, prompt maintenance and after-sales care for a long time. Being designed and manufactured in-house inJapan, our “Made-in-Japan” measurement systems assure you high quality.

Main Products

Our own brand portable vibration meter “KET Laboratory Model-201” has sold 3000 units inside and outside Japan. It has been used in many places for a long time. Also, we have developed, manufacture and sell MODEL-201SP/201EX/201VDR that is easy to use, high extensibility that can handle real-time frequency analysis and great cost efficiency. As for specialized measurement systems, we design and manufacture customized analog filters, charge amplifiers compatible with differential sensors, multi-channel charge amplifiers and envelop detectors and broad band amplifiers for AE sensors.

Technology and Skills

We design and manufacture everything from accelerometers and vibration meters to charge amplifiers, analog filters and software for analysis in-house. We are experienced and earned great reputation in design and development of analog circuits for measurement systems.
We use LabVIEW of National Instruments Corporation for the development of application software. Our certified LabVIEW developers (CLD) are working on design and development. Firmware for microcontrollers has also been developed by our in-house engineers. We offer not only combinations of our own brand products, but also construction of customized measurement systems using measurement hardware made by National Instruments Corporation.
We have an engineer who is good at English and can answer questions and requests on technology, sensors, vibration meters and other products.

Products for Overseas

MODEL-201 is a long-selling portable model and the final version of basic vibration meters. Model-201SP is a new product with a newly added three–range switching function and a sensor sensitivity setting function. It has a wider measurement range and yet easy to handle. We have also added MODEL-201EX to the lineup. It is compatible with an electric charge output type sensor and by the sensor sensitivity setting function enables users to choose a proper sensor for the usage or environment. The upgrade version of the hand-held MODEL-201SP/EX is MODEL-201VDR, which is a full-fledged analysis system. Not only it can save data onto SD card, but also enables real time vibration frequency analysis on a computer by using the highly functional software included in the accessory. The saved data is indispensable for business and quality improvement through trend management or equipment check.

About Products

(1) MODEL-201: A digital vibration meter compatible with a built-in amplifier acceleration sensor.

It is an inexpensive and final version of basic vibration meters that includes all the functions needed at work sites. It is being used at work sites inside and outsideJapan. It has a built-in pre-amplifier sensor that removes cable noises caused by hand shake. It also enables high precision measurement when measuring at low level. With its average hold function and peak hold function, it allows you to check the data easily on the spot. The package comes with a carrying case with a shoulder-belt for carrying it around or storage. Customized specifications are also available.

(2) MODEL-201: A digital vibration meter compatible with a built-in amplifier acceleration sensor.

A standard portable vibration meter that is easy to use.

(a) Displacement components differ according to the set range, but the LED display prevents you from misreading. It allows anyone to use it without difficulty at the work site.
(b) A built-in preamplifier vibration sensor is attached.
(c) An isolator is attached to prevent ground loop noises. Electric insulation assures you a safe and precise measurement.
(d) With the range switching function, it has a wide measurement range. No need to buy a vibration meter for each measurement range.
(e) The main body can set sensor sensitivity which means it is possible to combine any vibration sensor with the main body. In that sense, it is more convenient to use.
(f) You can optionally attach MODEL-201VDR that can save data to a memory card or transmit waveform data to a PC.

(3) MODEL-201EX: An easy to use digital vibration meter compatible with an electric charge output type acceleration sensor.

(a) With its sensor sensitivity setting function, it allows you to choose and attach an electric charge output type acceleration sensor according to the purpose.
(b) We designate acceleration sensors made by Fuji Ceramics Corporation as genuine optional sensors. They are made inJapanand are highly precise and reliable.
(c) Because it has sensor sensitivity setting function, you can use it with your existing sensor and distinct the usage of sensor according to the purpose.

(4) MODEL-201VDR: A vibration data recorder for real time vibration frequency analysis.

Just with one cable, you can easily upgrade your vibration meter into a full-fledged analysis system

(a) You can use an ordinary PC to connect to the recorder. No special equipment is needed. Connect the recorder to your PC with USB. It allows you to deal with real time vibration frequency analysis easily.
(b) The package comes with multi-functional analysis software which allows you to save the data and deal with real time vibration frequency analysis on PC.
(c) The collected data on work site is an asset of your company. You can use it to improve quality by looking at the trend and diagnose the equipments by analyzing the data.

(5) MODEL-1100USB: A four-channel accelerometer measurement system

It is an easy-to-use accelerometer that enables simultaneous four-channel acceleration/ vibration frequency measurement using PC.

(a) You can measure acceleration /vibration frequency of four channels simultaneously. The synchronized four channels allow you to deal with multi-channel measurement easier.
(b) You can lower the cost by using your own PC, and easily upgrade the PC into highly functional measurement system.

(c) No AC power is needed. You can measure for a long time using the power from PC through USB adaptor.
(d) No amplifier unit is needed; just connect a built-in amplifier acceleration sensor. If the sensor is compatible with TEDS, the sensor sensitivity setting is automatically set.
(e)With its robust and solid chassis, it is durable against tough usage.

Examples of product usages (MODEL-201SP)

Customer’s voice 1: We were looking for a vibration meter that allows anybody to use it easily anywhere.Conventional ones were so complicated that we could not use it immediately. Also we were often troubled by erroneous measurement caused by wrong setting. We did not have time to read manuals of several vibration meters thoroughly or educating employees on how to use them. We really needed a vibration meter that is simple to use.

MODEL-201SP solves your problem.

(a) There are highly functional vibration meters, but they are difficult to use. It is not feasible to look up the manual on the job site every time you need it. You need a simple vibration meter, such as MODEL-201SP, that allows you to measure only what you need to measure.

(b) Complicated vibration meters require time to educate people how to measure. You need a vibration meter, such as MODEL-201SP, that anyone can use without making a mistake.


Customer’s voice 2: We chose MODEL-201SP for its simplicity and good after-sale service.
We chose it because it was easy for anybody to use it and also guaranteed satisfactory long-term after-sale service.

MODEL-201SP solves your problem.

(a) The basic function to measure acceleration, velocity and displacement is equipped in a way that is easy to use. You can tell by sight how to use it, so anybody can use it. No need of special education to use it correctly at the job site.
(b) Regular calibrations are indispensable for meters. You can leave after-sale service like calibration and repair to us.

Customer’s voice 3: The new convenient functions of MODEL-201SP are effective for cutting down the cost.

Besides the simplicity in handling, the product has new, very convenient functions. These functions enable trend management and proper equipment check, which leads to quality improvement and cost reduction.

MODEL-201SP solves your problem

(a) With conventional hand-held vibration meters, you need to choose a proper one according to the range. But with our meter that has a range switching function, you don’t need to do that and can save the cost.

(b) Since there is a built-in preamplifier in the vibration sensor, there is little noise caused by hand shake, and it is especially convenient when you measure a super-small amount of displacement.

(c) It is compatible with MODEL-201VDR that is sold separately. You can easily extend the function such as data recording onto SD card or vibration frequency analysis. It will help you improve your business.

Customer’s voice 4: We can rest assured with the satisfactory after-sale service and the high scalability of the products.

Since we need to use meters in a tough situation for a long time, we need satisfactory after-sale service and high scalability.

MODEL-201SP solves your problem

(a) We provide you with satisfactory after-sale service such as repair and calibration.

(b) We accept requests for detailed customization that an ordinary meter cannot deal with.

Message from Us

(1) We are specialized manufacturer of accelerometers and vibration sensors with 30 years of history. For over 30 years, we have been engaged in design, development and manufacture of vibration meters and accelerometers. Since establishment, we have had it as our philosophy that we make vibration meters that are easy to use, easy to understand and reliable. We deal with not only vibration meters, but also designing and manufacturing of meters that have an analog circuit in it, which requires know-how accumulated for a long time. Long period of experience is needed to design an analog circuit and choose the right components. The digitalization of meters is an inevitable tendency, but sensor signal is very small sensitive analog data. Before doing digitalize measured signals of an analog sensor or processing signals, you need to make a signal adjustment at the analog front end, in terms of low noise and high stability of temperature, which will make the whole measurement system highly precise. We are knowledgeable about this delicate signal and have developed a lot of customized and specialized analog circuits, so we believe you will be satisfied with our efficiency and cost. If you have any problem with your analog circuit of a meter or a signal adjuster, please contact us.

(2) Consult us on control software and analysis application

We have been tackling new measurement systems using new technology such as development of LabVIEW software, microcontroller etc. We are trying hard to make real time analysis and signal processing easier and more efficient. We use the standard of measurement software, LabVIEW from National Instruments Corporation, for measurement control and analysis application software. It enables data analysis or data acquisition that the conventional meters cannot handle–such as simultaneous measurement of several sensors, simultaneous vibration frequency analysis and saving synchronized data. In our company, certified LabVIEW developers are in charge of designing and development. By designing and developing important software application in-house, we provide you easy-to-use, highly functional products and are always ready for customization. We have been building measurement systems that are highly usable, functional and cost efficiency, by combining our three developing technologies: Developing technology of measurement analysis software application by using LabVIEW, developing technology of highly functional embedded firmware and designing technology of an analog circuit at the analog front end (signal adjusting part) that plays an important part in high precision measurement. We adjust everything in-house from sensor specifications to user interface, and realize great cost performance as well as high functionality and usability. By making the development period short and cutting down the cost, we are making measurement systems that satisfy customers.

(3) Consistent in-house, domestic manufacture and long-term quality guarantee

Satisfactory after-sales service and detailed service are also characteristics of our company. Our products are made inJapanto maintain high precision and quality. In addition, it allows us to supply maintenance parts over a long period of time. We will support the maintenance, repair and calibration for a long term of time so that you can rest assured. Please rely on our one-stop service from sensors and meters to analysis software, and consult us about anything.

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